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Residential Services

Our residential clients are passionate about investing meaningfully in the environment, their communities, and well crafted beautifully designed spaces. Our process empowers you not only reach your goals but live your values and leave a legacy. Building a custom designed home is a once in a lifetime opportunity— it is also a responsibility.


Set Goals: Pre-Design Consultation

We ask questions to help clarify your objectives and values.

We listen to your wants, your needs, your fears, your ambitions, your dreams and desires. We help you confirm and commit to concrete goals that will define the projects success.


Evaluate Sites: Feasibility Studies

We help you identify the perfect site.

From mountain valleys to urban neighborhoods, we leverage our deep local knowledge and sophisticated analytical tools to help you identify and procure property whose regulatory environment won't impede your ambitions. Gain confidence and clarity with this key due diligence service.


Explore Options: Schematic Design

We research and reveal unique design opportunities and challenges.

Guided by the unique opportunities presented by your goals and the site's context, we discover and present a range of potential paths for the project. We develop a clear understanding of both the physical and cultural landscape so to root the project simultaneously as something that is uniquely you and uniquely of its place.


Refine Solutions: Design Development

We collaboratively refine the best solution for your needs.

Every design decision demands careful consideration. Your voice coupled with our expertise will guide an iterative process of innovation aimed at achieving your goals through thoughtful and even novel solutions to your particular needs and desires.


Deliver: Construction Documents and Administration

We collaborate to deliver a construction process as transparent and painless as possible.

We work with industry experts from energy consultants to off site assembly manufactures that are not only dedicated to their craft but to you the owner. We demand the same level of trust, transparency, and communication among each of our consultants and collaborators so you can sleep well knowing your are well taken care of by the entire team.


Validate Performance: Post-Occupancy Analysis

We confirm that performance from indoor air quality to energy savings.

Information is knowledge. To ensure the ongoing performance of your home, we can provide services to validate building performance metrics. Using non-invasive metering, commissioning, and post-occupancy surveys and interviews, we strive ensure performance through proper calibration and education.