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Overland Tandem House

Denver, Colorado
Architecture + Design
Construction to Begin Fall 2021

Our client wanted to explore the opportunity to take advantage of one of Denver's rarest building forms, the tandem house. Per the Denver Zoning Code, a tandem house is a second detached primary residence on a single lot. Unlike Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), tandem houses may be sold independently of the primary residence. The client hoped to move into the second unit while renting the their current primary home on the same lot. Such a development would allow them to build a home that better suits their needs (in particular an additional bedroom and more expansive social spaces) while benefiting from the additional rental income.  Studiobvio first completed a feasibility study for the tandem house which explored several options at a range of budgets, before moving into full design services. The project will be starting construction summer 2021.

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