Creative solutions for projects with purpose

We build. We build community intention and meaning through thoughtful master planning. We build new knowledge and understanding through our interactive media and mapping. We build capacity and drive impact through evaluation and strategic planning. We build spaces of empowerment and joy through our architectural design.

We don't offer specific services, we offer creative solutions.

Many different hammers, one nail

Our clients are not the “rugged individuals” of the mythical American West, but they are rooted in place based communities with open and permeable edges. Our clients are rugged neighbors, rugged citizens, and rugged kin of a radically inclusive web of life that defines our shared region. Our clients take responsibility and action. Our clients appreciate thoughtful design and love a good story. Our clients build for impact and meaning. Studiobvio is here to help.

Building for impact takes more than a one-size-fits-all solution. When all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail. Our approach is the opposite. Our clients share one clear goal, one nail, build a better world, and we bring every tool we can find, invent or otherwise to the task. We leverage our transdisciplinary skills and knowledge to help our clients build beautiful intentions, strategies, capacities, and spaces so their positive impact can grow and flourish. We work with local leaders and industry experts, we collaborate to deliver more. We deliver what matters. Listed below are some the services/project types we have provided our clients.

Net Zero Energy/Passive House Homes

Resilient Public Buildings

Site Master Planning

Strategic Business Consulting

Spatial Analysis and Mapping

Interactive Data Dashboards

Video Games and Immersive Environments

Documentary Film and Media

Rooted in place

Let's build something that matters.

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