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Data + Strategy

We work with value driven institutions and organization to strategically help their staff collect, analyze, and take action on quantitative and qualitative data so they can better serve their community and tell their story of impact.


Define who and why

We help internal leadership clarify the mission and connect it to a clear target community.


Engage Community Stakeholders

We get to know the target community and their needs before identifying how they might be best served.


Wrangle the Data

We brainstorm and evaluate possible sources and means of collecting and/or making data before cleaning and structuring it for exploration and analysis.


Identify Opportunities and Challenges

Using a range of narrative and visual techniques we work with clients to understand what the data may be revealing before refining our questions and proposing possible solutions/strategies..


Refine Solutions

We synthesize a strategic solution informed by an iterative process.


Tell the story and build systems

We package the our findings in a range of media that each best tell the story to a range of stakeholders.