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Into the Forest

Denver, Colorado
Media + Mapping
Spring 2022

"Into the Forest" is an invitation to not just go hug a tree, but to fall in love with one (or many… no judgement). More than Tinder for humans and trees, we hope you use this app to meet and ultimately become intimately entangled with your local trees. Try the app here.

Historically instruments for seeing trees (the Claude Glass and the dentroscope) are about control and ownership. They framed trees as objects of human aesthetic consumption—eye candy. Into the Forest invites a more intimate, physical mode of connecting. Not only understanding a tree's likes/dislikes, their family, their quirks, etc. but touching, smelling, and even tasting the other.

Image Credit:
Dendroscope: Massachusetts Society for the Promotion of Agriculture via Urban Omnibus (
Claude Glass: Sophia Anne Delaval, Mrs John Jadis (1755 - 1793), holding a Claude glass to the Landscape by attributed to Edward Alcock (
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