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Media + Mapping

To enact real, concrete change in the physical world,  our most powerful tool may paradoxically be the most intangible and ephemeral – our imagination. We leverage media and mapping tools to help expand our collective, public expectations about what we can achieve in our shared spaces. We call this work, work on the “urban imaginary”. These projects aim to expand the range of the possible by multiplying the ways that we come to see, feel, know, and ultimately imagine the world around us.


Get Curious

We get very curious about why things are the way they are.


Explore Hidden Relationships

Everything is connected. Through rigorous research, we pursue the obvious and obscure connections to tease out the unexpected.


Source or Create Content

We're not quite hackers, nor are we quite filmmakers, but we know our way around data and a camera.


Find Patterns, Ask More Questions

Behind every answer is another question. We go down rabbit holes.


Develop a Story

We build a narrative, sometimes linear but often not, to bring in an audience. We build with any media we can get our hands/minds around.


Publish and Evolve

We set the thing free, and we watch where they go. We update and upgrade along the way based on user feadback.