Studio Visit: Twig + Vonmod

June 18, 2018

We believe strongly in local craft and manufacturing. Recently we had a chance to visit two local makers who are leading the way in proving how small manufacturing wins the day.

Twig is a custom builder, providing millwork and CNC solutions to the home and DIY industry. With targets on the tiny house market, creating easy to ship and assemble furniture. For such a small team, Twig utilizes design tools such as CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and manufacturing) and Fusion which plugs in with Revit, one of our favorite tools. During our time together, we discussed ways in which our design process could easily integrate with their workflow.

VonMod is a design and build studio specializing in high-quality custom cabinetry. VonMod works closely with architects and designers. VonMod is run by an architecture heavy team, who frequently operate as in-house designers. Based in a self-built studio located in the Globeville neighborhood, due north of the expressway, VonMod has a special vantage point on the homebuilding industry.

At Studiobvio, we’re all about saving time without sacrificing quality. We look forward to working with the creative folks at Twig and VonMod to harness their technologies and power awesome design solutions.

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