Factory Tour: Phoenix Haus

May 24, 2019

When it comes to building performance, the Passive House standard stands above the rest. By that we mean, there is no other standard anywhere on earth that produces the energy efficiency (not to mention air quality) of a Passive House certified home. Enter Phoenix Haus. We love Phoenix Haus.

Not only because they are family owned and operated, from the great city of Detroit, and are all around fantastic people (these things help) but because they are designing and engineering a manufacturing process that can bring this stringent standard – at scale, at competitive cost, and with natural materials – to the US, and more importantly, to the intermountain West. This is a big deal.

We visited this fine crew and their impressive machines at their facility in Grand Junction, CO where COO Kate McDonald showed us the ins and outs of their manufacturing process and pointed out some key details to their success. It was a real treat. Their wall, roof, and floor assembly line guarantees proven quality and performance. We learned a ton thanks to their generosity and commitment.  We can’t wait to work with this amazing team.

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