Site Visit: Denver ADU Home Tour

June 23, 2018

This summer, Denver hosted its very first ADU Home Tour, uniting homeowners and industry experts passionate about the future and potential of building accessory dwelling units or ADUs in their own neighborhoods and backyards. The event served as an opportunity to survey the current landscape and learn more about what it takes to get an ADU built. Owners of eleven ADUs opened their doors, inviting the curious-minded to explore and experience the possibilities of ADUs.

The tour sought to raise awareness and demystify perceptions associated with building an ADU. Two major observations we gleaned from the tour: 1) ADUs come in varying scales relative to the existing home. 2) No two ADUs  are alike. ADU owners carry different backgrounds, stories, and propensities for building ADUs. This finding is really all a testament to their flexibility and wide-ranging appeal.

We believe the event positions Denver as the next leader in the ADU movement. Denver has one of the fastest growing housing markets. While ADUs are not an entirely new concept, ADUs represent a new alternative housing type in Denver. Many of the current ADU owners in Denver represent first movers in this growing market.

Many thanks to our friends at L&D Construction who spearheaded the event. We look forward to seeing this event become an annual tradition in Denver with even more ADUs to show for in the years to come.

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