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Public Services

Whether you represent a parks and recreation department or a neighborhood association, we deliver a bold, proud, and collective vision of the value of public space and buildings from park facility buildings to non-profit farm master plans.


Set Goals: Pre-Design Consultation

We listen to local leaders to understand the operations and assets that empower impact.

Public projects often have complex groups of stakeholders and require strong leadership. We identify and listen to those leaders that represent key stakeholders so that the project ambitions truly represents the needs and wants of the full public that it will serve.


Research Site: Place Matters Report

We analyze the past to better design for the future.

Public places are steeped in rich histories. These histories are very important when writing a new chapter in the story of any place. Through contemporary and archival research of the cultural and physical elements that brought a place to it's present we can better design for a meaningful future.


Engage Community Stakeholders

We rely on community members for their deep knowledge and innovative ideas.

We strive to provide a wide range of exciting ways for community members to be directly involved in shaping the outcome of the public spaces they use and love. This includes interviews, surveys, listening sessions, and interactive brainstorming activities.


Explore Options: Participatory Design

Through participatory design activities to reveal unique design opportunities.

Through collaborative and interactive design activities that are open to the public, we empower the public to negotiate a range of design options that consider the unique goals and perspectives of all community stakeholders.


Refine Solutions: Design Development

We synthesize a design solution informed by the public process and our professional expertise.

Guided by community ambitions, ideas, and narratives we bring together a coherent design proposal that seeks to celebrate the messiness and complexity of living in a community with diverse needs and perspectives with design solutions exemplifies the power and potential of such a process.


Deliver Excellence: Construction Documentation and Administration

Working with trusted industry partners, we facilitate a construction process that is as transparent and painless as possible.

We work with industry experts from the local community that are not only dedicated to their craft but to you the owner. We demand the same level of trust, transparency, and communication among each of our consultants and collaborators so that the community can ensure that their investment of time and resources exemplifies their collective goals.