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Commercial Services

We believe that small businesses and organizations are the backbone of every community. Our commercial clients do well by doing good. They focus not only on profit but the triple bottom line of social, environmental, and financial success. We work with your business/organization to design and build a community assets that aligns the performance of your space with your values and mission.


Align Values: Identity and Mission

We connect your mission with your target market and branded identity.

Whether you have have brand new business model and are pursuing investors or are opening your third location, we help you clarify your identity and mission to you connect your services/products with your target market. By leveraging our data analytical skills/spatial tactics and collaborating with identity and branding experts, we help you establish a identify important goals that will drive the success of you business or organization.


Analyze the Market: Demographics and Location

We leverage data and mapping to identify strategically opportunities.

Location. Location. Location. We leverage geographically specific demographic, employment, and consumer data to help define a spatial strategy for you business. Equipped with a clear market segmentation tied to a specific place, you can identify potential properties to purchase or lease that will empower your business or organization to flourish.


Evaluate Sites: Feasibility Studies

We help you evaluate a range of compliant opportunities.

Every location comes with its own unique set of opportunities and challenges. Regulatory compliance can have big impact on cost and performance. With a deep knowledge of the building and zoning codes, we help you complete essential due diligence and better understand the parameters that will drive cost and performance for your business. You evaluate feasible solutions that will guide the projects success.


Explore Options: Schematic Design

We research and reveal unique design opportunities and challenges.

With the a clear strategy and a viable site, the exciting work of connecting the spatial performance and the identity of your business begins through a collaborative and iterative process. We use a wide range of communication tool to ensure that you fully understand the nature and quality of presented options so you can confidently provide your essential input.


Refine Solutions: Design Development

We collaboratively refine the best solution for your business needs.

Every design decision demands careful consideration. Your mission coupled with our creative expertise will guide an iterative process of innovation aimed at achieving your goals through thoughtful and even novel solutions to your particular needs and desires.


Deliver Excellence: Construction Documents and Administration

Working with trusted industry partners, we facilitate a construction process that is as transparent and painless as possible.

We work with industry experts that are not only dedicated to their craft but to you the owner. We demand the same level of trust, transparency, and communication among each of our consultants and collaborators so you can sleep well knowing your are well taken care of by the entire team.